Here you will be able to follow any of  Autumn’s litters. Click the “Follow” button to the left to receive an email every time I post a new update. You can also look at lots of pictures of puppies Autumn has produced (once we have some to post, that is, as she is about to have her very first litter!) I hope you enjoy learning about Autumn and watching our puppies grow as much as I enjoy caring for them. 🙂

You can read about our breeding practices by going to our official website, you can read all our training and information articles if you go to our Eden Dog site. And you can also read all about Autumn while you’re here.

3 thoughts on “

  1. Kerstin says:

    She is such a beautiful momma…and can’t forget the handsome dad! Looking so forward to the exciting news…

  2. Jessica Rhodes says:

    These Babies are beautiful just like their momma. We can’t wait for her next litter so that we can bring one of the little angels home with us.

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