Professional Puppies

Sweet, sleepy, playful, feisty – however they come puppies are priceless. They are such bundles of love, personality and I enjoy their antics more than I can say. People love few things as much as they love puppies! Watching them play is fun. Taking photos of them to share with all of you through the magic of the internet is also fun.

I’m not sure there is anything quite like snapping photos of sweet little baby dogs. But lemme tell you, it isn’t easy. They blink at the worst moments, look down, their eye muscles aren’t strong yet so I get tons of slightly out of focus eyes or cross-eyed puppies. They bury their faces in one another so that you can’t see their sweet noses. They don’t sit still!

The very hardest part of photographing my puppies? They’re so people-oriented that its nearly impossible to get them to stop moving towards you while you’re taking pictures! They just keep running to you, tails wagging, tongues ready for kisses. Sometimes I take pictures while running backwards, just hoping I will get something not …. well… blurry. We’ll say blurry.

Working with a photographer (who also happens to have turned into a great friend) is so much fun. We have so much fun that I decided to have pro pictures done of all my litters. The nice bonus is that you can save the picture of your puppy and have it forever. One day you’ll look back on the photo with fondness. Or you can use it for a scrapbook or photo album. Or you can be like me and cover your walls with puppy pictures 🙂

It also helps that Ann Marie Young is a phenomenally talented photographer. (It also helps that her subjects happen to be beautiful as well.) Maybe a bit of a perfectionista but that just means better photos for you and me! Besides, anyone know a talented artist that isn’t particular? She is definitely a rock star photographer. And the puppies always love her which is great because annoyed or frightened puppies don’t photograph well. Seriously, look at some of the photos and here and there you’ll see an expression that seems to be telling us off quite well for disturbing a nap or what not.

Ok, rambling on here. Enjoy our pro photos! They’re gorgeous and you just can’t help but admire the talent it took to capture the group shots with most of the puppy’s faces showing and the babies all lined up or cuddling so nicely. (It does help that the puppies are such sweet, good little loves.)

Here are our group pictures. You can see individual puppy pictures HERE. As always please click on any image to enlarge.


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